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The Jericho Sentinel Issue 14

The Jericho Sentinel
Editor: sunryse00

"On a basic level, we got to kind of give the world's biggest 'neener neener neener.' Which is: you get cancelled, you mope around and then someone calls you a month later and says, 'Okay, you can come back.' And we go, 'Yay, we win.'" (Jon turteltaub IGN Interview )

Repeats start Friday July 6th

Fandom Info
Jericho Webring Info
LJ Webring Code Info
jericho_tv is looking for input on Episode Discussions
Slash Contest Info
Slash Fic Contest Info
Sign ups for the Jukebox Hits Challenge at baileys_tavern ends June 30th. Info Prompts

Hollywood Reporter Thank You Ad
Radio Free Jericho has begun a Youtube video challenge
Jericho DVD Info
More DVD Info
TV Guide Scan: Skeet Thanks Jericho Fans!
Promo and Podcast Info
Jericho at Comic Con
TV Guide Article With Skeet
Summer Schedule Info
Jericho Returns with Fewer Bucks for the Bang
MP3s for Lennie James and Jeff Radio Tour
Radio personality leads the charge to save 'Jericho'
Jericho Fandom Guide at newbieguide has been updated

The Letting Go by denisev (Johnston )
Necessary Discussions by denisev ( Johnston, Jake, Eric, Hawkins)
viola126 has updated fic here

Skeet/Jake Icons by autumndreamer76
51 Icons by autumndreamer76
59 Icons by andirealized
Icons by ruafair
6 Icons by babypuk
2 Icons by house_freak
Icons by sinfuldeception
Icons by autumndreamer76
27 Icons by autumndreamer76
Icons by autumndreamer76
24 Icons by milesfromwhere

Fan Art
Comfort by artura_nemesis (Stanley/Jake Slash)
Jericho Lovebar by carmendove

Comfort by artura_nemesis (Stanley/Jake Fan Art)
Jake/Stanley Heart of Winter Screenshots
Jake/Jonah Drabble by andirealized
Jake/Eric Ficlet by tambourine_lady

Rangers saved Jericho and Jake (General)
Peacekeepers (General)
NUTS Follow-Up Staten Island Project Homefront (NEWS: NUTS Followup)
Killing in the Name of (Episodic for Final)
Jericho Can Survive (General)
Fan Teaser
Jericho Returns
Jericho Saved
Jericho is back - a tribute
Les Moonves CBS President & CEO Interview on Jericho being saved

New Communities
baileys_tavern Gen and Het Fic Challenge Community
jericho_lims A Jericho Last Icon Maker Standing Communty

Thank you for reading this edition of jericho_news. If you have something you'd like in the next edition, feedback or if you'd like to discuss anything in this issue please comment.
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