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The Jericho Sentinel

The Jericho Sentinel Issue 15

The Jericho Sentinel
Editor: sunryse00

TV Guide: Ask Matt
Spoiler Pictures
Info on Cheyenne Flag T-Shirts
Ausiello Spoiler
Info on the Jericho Convention
seat42F article
Jericho: Back From The Dead EW Article Stills
'Jericho' Saved By Internet, A Bunch Of Nuts (Syfy Portal)
Comic Con Pictures by seat42f
Comic Con Coverage
'Jericho' Execs Recognize the Internet's Significance to the Show
More treats to come for 'Jericho' fans
Jericho hits DVD

Fandom News
Round One of the Jericho Fanfiction Nominations are open until 8/15 at The Richmond Ranch
Round 1, Challenge #3 voting is now open at jericho_lims
Results from Round 1, Challenge #2 at jericho_lims

Skeet stills from Comic Con and here

Pain by artura_nemesis (Jake/Stanley, NC-17)
Put Your Hands Into the Fire by artura_nemesis (Jake/Stanley, PG-13)
It's A Very Very Mad World by buyo105 (Johnston Green, G)
Domesticity by chinesebakery (Stanley/Mimi)
Chapter 1: A belligerent hen, G
Chapter 2: An unfortunate choice of words, PG

Off-limits by chinesebakery, (Stanley/Mimi, PG)
Relicts by chinesebakery, (Stanley/Mimi, PG)

Fan Art
Icons by chiyoko_san (Jake/Heather)
35 Icons by kyra_vms
And So You Save Me... by artura_nemesis (Jake/Stanley Wallpaper)
Heather/Jake Fan Art by katiuniverse
Jericho and Skeet Icons by lasamy
36 Icons by lasamy
Icons by mrsdusick
14 Icons by simfanatic05
Icons by foryourwit
Icons by ruafair can be found here, here, and here
Icons by rosie_posie77 here, here and here
Icons by elatino

"Thank You Fans Reel" from Comic-Con

Comic Con Video

Fan Vids
What I Like About You (Stanley/Mimi)
Jake Green (Skeet Fan Vid)
Jericho Promo
Stimi Forever (Stanley/Mimi)
Walking Disaster (General)
Somewhere Else (Jake, General)
A Trailer of Jericho- Today is the last ordinary day...

Other Video
Alicia Coppola on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (July 31 2007 )
Interview with Skeet & Usenet newsgroup Info

New Sites & Communities
ny_jerichoians Yahoo Group for New York Jericho Rangers
Jericho Producers Blog

Nuts icon by lasamy

Thank you for reading this edition of jericho_news. If you have something you'd like in the next edition, feedback or if you'd like to discuss
this issue please comment.
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